Leasing options

O% leasing

If you choose to buy desired product with equally distributed payments on several months, then we can offer you an 0% interest-free lease. The first payment is from 0 EUR or can be calculated by dividing the total price of goods with the number of months for which the leasing is taken.

Standard leasing

If you do not want to make first payment for the goods, or if you want to take a lease for more than six months, then we will help to form a lease in one of the largest leasing companies in Latvia.

Leasing terms

1. Leasing for goods purchased in www.procidat.lv online store has right to receive any citizen of Latvia, including a citizen of other countries with a residence permit in the Republic of Latvia.

2. The lessee must have a constant monthly income.

3. The age of the leaseholder must be between 18 and 73 years.

4. The loan amount can range from 200 EUR to 7000 EUR.

5. The interest-free lease can be formed for period from 1 to 6 months. A longer time limit can be granted on an individual case-by-case basis. Standard leasing has a maximum possible maturity of 36 months.

6. The first installment is starting from 0%.

7. The lessee does not have the right to refuse from the leasing payment schedule made at the time of purchase.

8. To form leasing requires a valid passport or ID card. In some cases, a guarantor is required, a bank account report or a statement from the workplace.

9. Choosing to use lease options in www.procidat.lv is considered to be a confirmation that the leaseholder is fully acquainted, understands and agrees to the rules of the online shop www.procidat.lv.

10. The purchased product is property of LLC PROCIDAT until full payment of the leasing amount.