NiteSite DARK OPS Spotter XW night vision spotting scope

943.80 incl. VAT


The Dark Ops Spotter XW range has been designed to extend nature observation beyond the hours of daylight.

They can be easily fitted to any day use spotting scope enabling it to be used in complete darkness to clearly observe wildlife up to 300 metres (330 Yards)* away.

Dark Ops Spotters convert your spotting scope into a powerful night vision system that is quick and simple to set up and includes RTEK technology.

They utilise enhanced 940NM infrared in a unique way making it more affordable, reliable and user friendly.


  • A – IR illuminator module
  • B – LCD viewing screen
  • C – Saddle bracket
  • D – IR camera unit
  • E – 2Ah Lithium Polymer battery (Spotter XV)
  • F – 4Ah (Spotter XW) or 6Ah (Spotter XE) Lithium Polymer battery and pouch
  • G – Mounting bracket (not included)
  • H – Torch clamp (not included)