Frequently asked questions and answers

Are all products posted on the website?

Answer: Most of the products listed, but not all. If you see one product from a manufacturer, but do not see another product (You want and know exists) made by this same manufacturer, feel free to contact us because we have access to all products from the manufacturers.

Why are some products not priced on the website?

Answer: Certain products, such as Microscopes, are highly customizable for the customer, which means that we first listen to customer needs, only then can we offer certain product complication and price accordingly. The content of these products is informative, in order to find out the price of these products, feel free to contact us.

Can I buy weapons sights, etc. military goods?

Answer: You can buy products posted products without special permission. We carefully follow the law, and if the law restricts sales/usage of a product, then we will be first to react accordingly, and if necessary, we will also inform you about the specific actions to be taken. Please notice, that in different countries are different military laws.

I do not know how to choose optics

Answer: 1) On all product pages You will find easy to use product filter to narrow down to most suitable options for You. 2) If You still have troubles choosing the best one fell free to contact our sales department, we will gladly help!

Do You have all products in stock?

Answer: LLC PROCIDAT works with more than 15 different brands and manufacturers, so it is impossible to have everything in stock. At the moment LLC PROCIDAT have 50% of goods in stock, other 50% are 4 days away somewhere in manufacturer stock in Europe.

What are payment options

Answer: There are three payment options:

  • 1) Bank transfer - After order placement in email You will receive invoice, please log in to Your online bank and make the payment.
  • 2) PayPal - If You have PayPal account You can make order through Your PayPal account.
  • 3) Credit card - You can pay by using Your credit card info. To use this option You also must choose payment with PayPal but then instead of of using PayPal account You will use payment without existing PayPal acount.