LLC "PROCIDAT" (hereinafter referred to as the Seller) liability and guarantee terms for the goods distributed by the company (hereinafter referred to as the Guarantee). The appliance distributed by the seller meets the requirements of the legislation of the EU and the Republic of Latvia.

The Customer has the right to submit a claim to the Seller if the goods purchased from the Seller have been damaged due to an error in the manufacturing process at the factory. The seller, in accordance with the procedure prescribed by law, is liable for defects (hereinafter referred to as the Guarantee Repair). The standard warranty period is 24 (twenty four) months for the goods sold by the seller and the guarantee is enforced in accordance with the norms of the Consumer Rights Protection Law of the Republic of Latvia. All distributed products (binoculars, microscopes, weapon optics, hunting optics, etc.) has a manufacturer's warranty which may vary from product to product, the information about the manufacturer's warranty period for the item in question can be found in the description of the product or can be found by referring to "PROCIDAT" LLC" sales departments. Please note that consumer protection law does not apply to cases when purchases are made by legal entities.

In case the quality of the product does not correspond to the indicated or the product has broken down, the buyer has the following rights in accordance with the norms of EU and the Republic of Latvia Consumer Rights Protection Law:

  • Go to the service center indicated on the manufacturer's or dealer's warranty card (accompanied by a proof of purchase and a guarantee voucher);
  • contact the “PROCIDAT LLC” employees on the contacts indicated on the website;
  • In the event that the warranty service is not valid for one of the following reasons, and the buyer refuses to pay the repair costs, the buyer must cover the diagnostic costs. If the buyer agrees to pay for repairs, then Seller may not charge the diagnostic costs to the customer;

The warranty repair includes the detection and prevention of defects in the design, manufacture and component parts of the product. The warranty covers goods used in accordance with their instructions for use. Warranty repair is free. The warranty for repairs to newly changed damaged parts and assemblies automatically enters the Seller’s ownership. The Seller is not obligated to perform Warranty Repairs if one of the circumstances listed below is detected or occurred, then the Warranty Repair Terms are not applicable and the Warranty Period has not expired:

  • when damage occurred during transportation;
  • if the identifier of the product with the specified product series and product number has been removed, damaged or clearly unreadable;
  • if the security label / seal is removed or damaged;
  • if damage resulted from improper installation;
  • if the product has been repaired (or otherwise interfered with in the design, software, etc.) by a third party;
  • if the item has been used with unhooked transport anchorages or elements;
  • when damage had occurred when the product was used under inappropriate ambient conditions (inadequate temperature, humidity);
  • when damage is caused by the use of inadequate or poor quality materials / parts / accessories (water, cleaning and detergents, power supply units, etc.);
  • when the damage is caused by a reason independent of the Seller, including voltage change in the electricity network, thunderstorm, fire, rodents and due to similar damage;
  • if the product is operated with the disconnected equipment security system;
  • if the product has still been used without eliminating damage to the product;
  • when the damage is due to the natural deterioration of the product;
  • when the regular maintenance conditions of the goods are not met;
  • if the goods have been used by the buyer for production or professional purposes (in case when the item is not intended for such purposes);
  • when the damage is due to improper installation or repair work if the original parts of the manufacturer's original replacement parts have been replaced by spare parts not approved by the manufacturer of the goods;
  • if the damage has occurred due to the effect of the mechanical, thermal and similar conditions (except for the mechanical and thermal effects which reasonably result from the use of the product in accordance with its instructions for use);
  • when the product has been used in violation of its use and safety regulations;
  • if the good has been sold for export outside the country of purchase (unless specified otherwise);
  • when damage has occurred in the event of force majeure.

The installation of the product, its regular maintenance and cleaning, the cleaning or replacement of accessories or parts - filters, seals, lamps, fuses, heating elements, batteries, hand-movable, plastic parts, belts and other parts, which are normal to wear off and tear, are not covered by warranty repairs and is a paid service. Also, the warranty conditions do not apply to the item's accessories, accessories for the product, power supplies (such as batteries, accumulators), lamps, accessories that have a limited resource (such as fuses), etc. components. (for example, connecting cables, remote controls, etc.)

Each users duty to familiarize yourself with the instructions for use and safety instructions before using the product (for example, a binocular, a moniker, a microscope, a telescope, a hunting or gun optics, an infrared or night vision optics, etc.). The warranty does not include user training for using the product, as well as repairs that must be made by misunderstanding the user manual.

Damage detected during the warranty must promptly be communicated to the Seller by contacting the contacts indicated on the website. When reporting the damage to the product by phone or e-mail, you need to provide the manufacturer, model, product number, serial number. If possible, describe the damage and the circumstances in which it occurred. In order to receive a warranty repair, it is necessary to present a document certifying the purchase of the service personnel and a guarantee voucher.

After informing the Seller of the damage to the goods, the user is obliged to act strictly in accordance with the Seller's instructions (as well as to ensure compliance with the Seller's instructions), including, according to the relevant Seller's statement, deliver the goods to Seller service center. Seller is not responsible for non-fulfillment of Warranty conditions and related losses. Similarly, the seller shall not be liable in cases where access to the necessary premises or equipment was not provided in a timely manner, or the Seller has not been notified in a timely manner about the defects, or the Seller's instructions after failure of the application have not been complied with. The Seller is authorized by the manufacturer to provide the specialized parts and services that your product model may need. The manufacturer recommends choosing the best possible model of good service by concluding the Service Agreement with an authorized service provider and we guarantee to be with you and your product as long as you are responsible for it yourself. We take care that the equipment and services provided become an integral part of the environment. These rules are without prejudice to the rights of the client specified in the law.